Unlock entrepreneurial potential, level up your English and build towards your future global start-up
If you're 14-21 y.o. , come and join us!
English Bootcamp for Gen-Z Entrepreneurs
6 zoom meetings (90 min) per week
Mini groups of up to 10 people.
9 hours of work and interaction with native-speaking moderators
Community work - 1 hour per day working together to complete tasks
2 weeks - August, 2-13
Entrepreneurship - If you'd like to learn how to launch a startup this is for you!
  • 1. Passion - Idea - technology
  • 2. Understand how to find your first clients
  • 3. Find your cofounders
  • 4. Create your first elevator pitch
  • 5. Present your idea to your potential clients
2 weeks - August, 16-27
Here's your chance to launch your idea!
  • 1. Talk with your clients about the product
  • 2. Fill out a startup canvas
  • 3. Find your business model and understand Unit Economy (CAC & LTV & ARPU)
  • 4. Go to market strategy
  • 5. Build a slide deck and present
Terms of the programme
The programme is developed in partnership with a Scottish start-up:
Amolingua is a global ed:tech company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are developing language, cultural and soft skills training programmes to help professionals and business people globalise their lives and projects by providing them with a personalised programme, a team of tutors and an interactive platform to track their progress.
The minimum level of English is
You will learn how to find clients, launch the first product and build a team to develop your project
The objective of the programme is to unlock your entrepreneurial potential while practising presenting your project in English to a global audience.
Ekaterina Matveeva
linguist, educator, entrepreneur
Facilitator of 3DS (3 Day StartUp) programmes in Texas since 2016 and member of the 3DS Advisory Board since 2021
Winner of the 30-second pitch competition at Google Campus London 2015
UK Business Woman 2015 in the UK entrepreneurial competition the Grad Factor
UK TEDx speaker 2016
Coach of the Russian National Hackathon Team at MLH - Major Hacking League 2019

Lead Mentor for the programme:
George Sabean
Canadian professional English trainer with a vast experience in business communication
Chantel Thomas
American professional English trainer with years of experience in business and intercultural communication
Nicholas Pritchard
British professional English trainer with a diverse experience in business programmes
Course Registration
Places are limited.
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