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Practical Frameworks for Achieving Greater Things
Practical Live Online 3-day Workshop "Discovering Your Unique Potential" is designed to empower young people aged 14-19 years old to build a strong foundation for success in academics, relationships and future endeavors.
After conducting workshops for over 3K+ students, we can now offer a 100% guarantee!
Our students will get a broader vision that empowers them to achieve more.
Results from the workshops
the list was compiled by interviewing students who took part in our campus programs
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The workshop frameworks help students uncover their special talents, discover what makes them unique, and set a super cool path for personal and academic growth
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3-Day Live Online Workshop with up to 3 students in each group
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Meet Our Team
  • Ivan Shamaev
    Founder & Vision Director
  • Maria Koyan
    Workshop Facilitator / Design Thinking Coach
  • Dane Wagner
    Workshop Facilitator / Head of Community
  • Alex Nitsa
    Workshop Facilitator / Head of Programs
  • Vera Dadasheva
    People Business Partner @ Miro
    Special Guest
  • Jhosep Delgado
    Workshop Facilitator / Triangle Academy
What teens and their parents say about their experience
  • Before GameChanger Workshop, I was really unsure about what subjects to focus on for my college applications. This tool not only helped me discover my passion for environmental science, but it also connected me with a community of like-minded peers. It's more than just a tool; it's been a guide and a motivator for me. Plus, my parents are super impressed with how well I'm planning my future now!
    Emily, 16
    High School Student from the US
  • I always knew I loved art, but GameChanger Workshop helped me explore so many different aspects of it. I've started digital art thanks to the resources the tool suggested, and I've even connected with other teen artists around the world through its Discord community. It's amazing how it's helping me shape my artistic journey and also my confidence in choosing this as a career path. My art teacher has noticed my newfound focus too
    Luis, 15
    Aspiring Artist from Spain
  • What I love most is how it encourages them to set goals and tracks their progress. It's not just about academics; it's about their overall growth. Seeing them use the tool has given me peace of mind about their future paths.
    Mother of two teenagers, Kazahstan
  • Seeing my son participating in the Workshop has been an eye-opener. He's always been a bit undecided about his interests, but this tool has helped him focus and discover what he truly enjoys. As a parent, it's been invaluable in helping me understand how to support his aspirations. The privacy settings ensure he's comfortable sharing with me, making our conversations about his future more meaningful.
    Mother of a 14-year-old, United States
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