A full immersion course in launching your startup, working on your presentation skills, enhancing your confidence and tuning up your English pronunciation. Students range in age from 12 to 21.

12 ZOOM MEETINGS (70 MIN) - AT 8AM PST / 19.00 Moscow time
We take into account the individual characteristics and language level of each student.
Launch your first startup from February 24
Pitch to Win from March 31
Genius of Accents from April 27

DEMO DAY WITH LIVE PITCHING AND Q&A. Speaking Club for ongoing communication practice
Launch your first startup
Learn exactly how you can come up with a startup idea and launch a successful business
  • 12 LIVE MEETINGS on Thursdays with the mentors + participation in the speaking club
  • The entrepreneur program approved by students: Dream - Idea - Hypothesis - Validate - Product-Marketing-Sales
  • Assistance in finding your co-founders and first clients
  • Access to a platform with educational material and tasks
  • Certificate of participation
  • $489
    from February 24
Pitch to Win
Prepare a powerful presentation in English, be confident in your performance!
  • 12 LIVE MEETINGS on Wendsdays with the mentors + participation in the speaking club
  • Understanding the importance and basic elements of Storytelling
  • Creating your video pitch
  • Rehearsal of performances and detailed analysis of mistakes
  • Access to a platform with educational material and tasks
  • Certificate of participation
  • $169
    from March 31
Genius of Accents
Learn the secrets of how the native speakers pronounce phrases and words, how they form phrases and choose the timbre of their speech
  • 12 LIVE MEETINGS on Thursdays with the mentors + participation in the speaking club
  • Joint training and understanding of the pronunciation of English phrases
  • Working with your voice
  • Access to a platform with educational material and tasks
  • Individual analysis of pronunciation errors
  • Certificate of participation
  • $169
    from April 27
Program conditions
Programmes were designed by Silicon Valley Camp in partnership with a Scottish startup

Amolingua is a global EdTech company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is developing language, cultural and soft skills training programmes to help professionals and business people globalise their lives and projects by providing them with a customised programme, team of tutors and an interactive platform to track their progress.
The minimum level of English - Intermediate

We believe that every participant of the programmes will be able to improve their English language skills, make new friends and possibly start their own business

More than 2,000 students from different countries with different levels of language proficiency have completed the programmes. Each participant will have access to a learning platform and a Discord communication group

Who will train you?
  • George Sabean
    Canadian professional English trainer with a vast experience in business communication
  • Chantel Thomas
    American professional English trainer with years of experience in business and intercultural communication
  • Nicholas Pritchard
    British professional English trainer with a diverse experience in business programmes
  • Faith Ologbo
    British-Nigerian professional English teacher with TEFL certification for exam preparation
  • Jordyn Allen
    An American English teacher with a TEFL certificate
  • Nat Ruden
    An American English teacher specialised in accent training
What our Alumni say
  • Polina Polunina
    I studied English for a long time with a teacher, besides this, on italki - just for practice. But the SVC&Amolingua mentor spent a lot of time at the meetings on our stress tolerance and communication comfort. Incredible conversational result, understanding almost any accent, lack of fear.
  • Svetlana Chuvakina
    I had a task to pass IELTS for admission to a master's program abroad. By this time, my level had dropped a lot, so it's cool that in bootcamp it turned out to raise the level and pass it to the desired score. I really liked studying: the teachers are very cool and the right approach is not boring and boring, like tutors at school, but very emotional and interesting. Now I continue to study and improve my conversational skills, and especially in the field of business and startups. The teachers are very experienced and give assignments from the area I need.
  • Artem Gnatuk
    I have applied for business accelerators YC Combinator and Hyper. The whole program and practice incredibly helped to feel confident, overcome the fear of an interview, rehearse your pitch several times, get super valuable recommendations. The community of participants is super friendly and focused on communication.
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