Silicon Valley Summer Sessions 2020
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Online Business Accelerator
for Teens 12+

Six-week startup program with Silicon Valley mentors. Great opportunity to get investments and win a trip to the USA
Silicon Valley Camp 2020
Summer 12-day program for Future Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs (12+)
Silicon Valley is famous for nourishing
the world's leaders in innovation.
Enter the future best prepared for success.
The youth think differently, but they are raised under the same old boring curriculum. This program allows talented young leaders to break out of the system in a place with no technological limits.

To be prepared for future leadership, your child needs to closely understand new technologies and problem-solving way of thinking.

This program will teach selected individuals how to seek success in this competitive environment or how to Hack the Valley. During their program, participants will visit the iconic companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google, and meet with the people behind them.
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You don't need to know what you want! Relax. You just need to be in an ever-changing environment with the right people to guide you. Young founders see new opportunities faster either way.

Pavel Cherkashin
Co-Founder SV Camp and Managing Partner Mindrock VC
Our Team
Get to know our Silicon Valley team and mentors
Natalia Cherkashina
When my family moved to the Silicon Valley, it felt as if I had entered a new dimension of opportunities and knowledge. I've been wanting to share this feeling ever since.
Ivan Shamaev
Interested in high-impact businesses, financial technology, digital startups, new innovation. Created a unique startup program for youth.
Adeo Ressi
CEO and Founder of the Founder Institute
Adeo is a recognized mentor for fast growing technology businesses. He has pioneered innovations in the protection of founder rights, the raising of early stage capital and the scaling of new businesses.
Nicholas Davidov
Investor, Gagarin Capital
Serial entrepreneur and Venture Capital enthusiast in love with AI technologies.
"Investor of the year" in 2016 by RBC
Sanjit Singh Dang, PhD
Former Director of Intel Capital, Founder U First Capital
Sanjit is a diligent and talented investment and business development professional. He is one of those rare people who consistently "walks his talk." He provides great insight, is an excellent resource and is always a joy to be around.
Mikhail Kokorich
Founder and CEO Momentus
Momentus is providing a shuttle service for satellites. Large rockets deliver our shuttles loaded with satellites into an initial orbit.
Maxim Nogotkov
Serial enterpreneur
He started his first business at 12 years old from scratch. Since 2007 has been developing retail banking services, jewelry retail chain, e-commerce, big data, civic project for e-democracy.
Gary Fowler
CEO and President at GSD Venture Studios, International AI Executive and Speaker, Co-Founder of
Award-winning Senior level executive with 28+ years of success in global strategic innovation leadership, sales, marketing, operational and investment management.
Marina Davidova
Head of Operations
Business venture angel and experienced entrepreneur
Tony Perkins
Silicon Valley OG. Founder of Cryptonite. Previously Founder of Red Herring, AlwaysOn, Churchill Club, SVB Tech Group
Tony is a Silicon Valley mainstay and one of the most connected and creative people there. The future belongs to Silicon Valley, and Tony will see and know it before all others.
Sergey Doronichev
Combining roles of Immersive Technology Manager and Subject Matter Expert. He has a special interest in creating VR/AR solutions that will completely change the way people interact with digital data in Oil and Gas world.
Summer Camp Format 2020
Take a deep dive into Silicon Valley. Follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs from his parent's garage to the largest global corporation. Talk to serial entrepreneurs. Learn how to get into Stanford or Minerva. Learn to present yourself, your business ideas, and to conduct negotiations. Enjoy the beauty of California, take a ride in the latest Tesla model. Have the most productive week of your life.
Preliminary Program Agenda
Day 1: Hey, Silicon Valley!
  • Program participants fly in, meet at the airport, transfer to accommodation locations, get to know their space, prepare for the program
  • Welcome reception ceremony with the participation of mentors and coaches.
  • Introduction talks from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.
Day 2: How San Francisco transformed itself from the city of hippies to city of Big Tech?
  • Why best technology companies come here? How did the city evolve from gold rush to digital gold rush?
  • The store of the future - AmazonGo
  • First team work project in San Francisco park
  • Lunch at Pier 39 with the view of sea lions
  • Exploratorium museum, Golden Gate Bridge
  • Welcoming BBQ dinner with innovative plant-based burgers
    Day 3: Orientation and set goals for your future career path
    Morning brainstorming session to identify their passions and future education and career paths.
    Visit largest startup accelerator - Plug & Play Technology Center:
    • How accelerators work
    • Meeting startups, investors and mentors
    • Participating in startup pitch session
    • Lunch at the accelerator
    Orientation tour of the Silicon Valley.
    Dinner with a mentor - successful entrepreneur: "How I built a startup and sold it for tens of millions."
    Day 4: Apple, Facebook, Google: grab lunch with employees
    • Breakfast discussion "Own business or career in a large corporation?"
    • Visit campus of Facebook / Instagram in Palo Alto, excursion, meeting employees, lunch at famous corporate canteen with world-famous chefs.
    • Tour of Google campus, meeting and discussion with Google employes.
    • Dinner with employees of Apple, Google or Facebook to discuss how to build a successful career at these companies.
    • Watch movie "Social Network"
      Day 5: Intensive brainstorm, relax by the ocean
      We start the day with an intensive brainstorm / hackathon in a game format to:
      • Discuss and analyze information from previous days
      • Make preliminary conclusions about potential career development path and needs
      • Work in teams to share and help each other
      In the afternoon we make a trip to the Pacific Ocean to swim, play and relax.
      Day 6: Traditional vs New Education: Stanford University, Minerva
      Today we study various education models, from traditional Universities (Stanford University) to new independent schools (Minerva, School 42). Learn how to:
      • Motivate yourself, work hard
      • Be creative and innovative in education
      • Overcome the fear of uncertainty
      Dinner with a Peter Thiel's fellowship program (given to bright students to drop University).

      Day 7: Field trip to Carmel and whale watching from Monterey
      • Learn about climate change, ecology, ethics and the social responsibility of business
      • Visit Point-Lobos Park to observe wild nature
      • Trip on a boat to watch whales (subject to weather conditions)
      • Picnic on the beach with mentors to socialize with them more casually
      • Dinner in a healthy vegetarian restaurant in Carmel's famous artistic downtown
      Day 8: Building Startups with Mentors
      Teens learn the key skills required to build career as a corporate employee or entrepreneur:
      • Market research
      • Product design
      • Financial management
      • Business metrics
      • Marketing, public relations and branding
      • Public speaking and presenting yourself
      They run through these skills with mentors and successful professionals in engaging and entertaining format, working on their project.
      Dinner discussion with mentors. Great opportunity to ask questions.
      Day 9: Building Startups with Mentors (Day 2)
      Participants are finishing their projects from the previous day
      • Working 1:1 with mentors and professionals
      • Researching information
      • Preparing presentation and incorporating feedbacks
      Evening presentations to the board of experts
      • receive feedback of their work
      • milestones for continuing the project
      Best projects receive prizes at Gala Dinner.
      Celebration and networking party with young local entrepreneurs.
      Day 10: Hiking at National Redwood Park
      Full-day field trip to a unique national park with a long hike along 2000-year old Sequoia trees.
      Set goals and dream about the future.
      Day 11: Final Day in San Francisco: Shopping, Disco Party with DJ
      This is a relaxing and socializing day, when teens can go shopping for souvenirs, relax at home, make latest arrangements and integrate their learnings.

      Final networking party with local investors, entrepreneurs, mentors. Get feedback, exchange ideas, and find contacts for future investment opportunities.
      Day 12: Farewell
      the hardest goodbye
      Requirements to Participate

      Despite the informal and exciting format of the program, it is a lot of hard work.

      Participation in the program requires concentration, attention, professional attitude, willingness to learn and develop. Most importantly, you must be ready to ask questions. The program is what you make out of it.

      We will be on our feet all week from 6 am to 11 pm, visiting places closed for tourists, meeting very busy and successful people.
      Enroll to the summer programs 2020
      6 sessions, limited places
      Private house in the most prestige area
      15-30 minutes away from main tech companies


      early enrollment till Jan,31 - $500 off

      • Program
      • Co-living in a comfortable home
      • 3 meals a day from organic healthy foods
      • Transportation from/to airport, internal transfers
      • Excursions, entrance tickets
      Participant results
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      +1 408 833 07 06

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      906 Broadway, San Fransisco, USA