Empowering Young Adults to Build a Business

Transforming ideas into businesses through learn-by-doing exercises
*powered by Silicon Triangle Valley
Silicon Valley Camp is a program for young first-time founders, providing access to tools, guidance, mentoring and networking. The program offers navigation through a series of learn-by-doing exercises that enable students to understand all the steps of building a business.
What you will learn

Think differently
Young people think differently, but they're mostly educated according to the same old boring curriculum. This program allows talented young leaders to break out of the system and find a place without technological boundaries.

Take resposobility
Taking responsibility for your actions is an important step in building meaningful business and becoming a better person. We will learn tips on how to get better at taking responsibility in your own life.

Speak freely
You will learn how to manage your fears, expectations, and sense of the moment. Our program will teach you techniques of concentration, which will help to build an exciting story and keep the audience.

The program
Online program with live classes weekly
Wed or Thu 5.00 pm-6.30 pm NY time zone
*powered by Silicon Triangle Valley
  • 1 week
    Your Dream - Your Idea
    We will dream and look into the future to find out our passion and come up with business ideas that will transform people's lives and make them happy.
  • 2 weeks
    Learn from your customer
    We will learn a series of tips and tricks on how to verify customer interest through asking the right questions.
  • 2 weeks
    How to build a prototype
    Before a product goes out for public access we need to ensure that it offers promised functionality, and solves customer problems.
  • 3 weeks
    Business model
    we guide you through business modeling to better understand the economics of your project and we will learn the essential definition of finance metrics.
  • 3 weeks
    We learn how to promote your product or service through marketing channels and how it will boost its sales and reach your target audience.
  • 2 weeks
    Getting ready to pitch
    We practice speaking to a large number of people, using new knowledge and skills gained in practice before.
Join any time from anywhere and start building your dream
Access to the program is $189 for the first 3 months. Then to maintain the membership – $90/quarterly.
In a few weeks you will be able to present your ideas confidently and understand the process of building a business. You will be surprised at your capabilities and learn how to effectively achieve goals.
Our core team

Entrepreneur and Founder of Silicon Triangle Valley

Ivan Shamaev
Ivan started his business career at the age of 18. He has over 10 years of experience in banking - he has gone all the way from being a cashier up to serving on the board of directors of a bank. Later, the focus of his development shifted to his own business, the venture market and acceleration programs for the development of early-stage startups, which brought Ivan to Silicon Valley. Ivan holds Ph.D. in Economics. Book a personal session with Ivan here.
Creating international education opportunities
Jhosep Delgado Guerra
Expertise in developing impact-focused education ventures that promote internationalization and student mobility. Global mindset and acumen developed in Europe, South and North America. An active thinker engaged in the debate about education, leadership, business, finance, entrepreneurship, literature, history and culture in Latin America.
It is a great opportunity to achieve new heights, learn new skills, and grow as an entrepreneur at Silicon Valley Camp!
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